Are you Ready to TRANSCEND your SKIN?

Hello! My name is DanayaBE, Licensed Esthetician and owner of Sekhmet Skin. I've been transcending skin since 2016, with the last two of them being spent under the tutelage of Master Esthetician, Jewel Young of Flesh Skin Studio.

I look at skincare through the lens of anti-aging because not only does everyone want to look young, but physiologically, it is most beneficial for our bodies and our skin. I love cultivating a safe space that promotes rest, relaxation and beautification, while educating my clients on the importance of incorporating anti-oxidants in their diet, home-care regimen and facials in order to heal, correct and protect their skin!

I look forward to the opportunity to get acquainted with you and your skin! As your esthetician and "Skin Transcendant" we will transcend your skin together!

To Eternal Youth & Royal Relaxation