Sekhmet Skin takes a holistic approach to transforming Textured, Oily, Dry, Uneven, Dull/Lax and Acneic Skin Types into Ageless Healthy Skin via Anti-Oxidant Infused Facials, Even Skin Tone Treatments and Holistic Skincare Solutions.

The services that Sekhmet Skin offers is listed below. As there are many options to choose from, when scheduling your facial, it is best to select the Returning Client Facial or First Time Client Facial based on your current client status. For access to the scheduling site, click the link below.

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Signature Facials

Focusing on deep cleansing, deep hydration and extensive purification of your pores, this signature facial not only helps to prepare your skin for more advanced treatments, but nurse it back to health while promoting smoother, clearer, brighter and more even toned skin.

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Ageless Facials

So you want to look forever young? Fortifying your skin with anti-oxidants, peptides and ceramides paired with gua sha, lifiting and firming techniques and advanced exfoliation treatments will keep your face frozen in it’s peak of course.

Customized Facials

You want Maximum Glow, Maximum Hydration and Maximum Results paired with Ultimate Relaxation? Allow us to curate a facial uniquely for you! This facial includes 3 modalities not limited to Gua-Sha, Nano-Needling, Serum Infusion, LED Therapy and Advanced Exfoliation.

Corrective Treatments

Are you looking to fade your hyperpigmentation quickly? To smooth your texture, even your skin tone and decrease the appearance of fine lines without the fluff? Then it’s time to commit to a series of chemical peels. Yes! A series!


Addicted to the results and the pampering? You know the health of your skin fluctuates and you want to be covered no matter the condition while saving a few coins? Then it’s time to join the club!